Prince Raden Saleh Exhibition in Jakarta

Official Raden Saleh Online Museum

Welcome to the Official Raden Saleh Online Museum for Prince Raden Saleh's world-famous and priceless masterpieces, the most complete and comprehensive, and only collection of Raden Saleh paintings, watercolours and drawings world-wide.

Many of Raden Saleh's paintings and drawings are held by world-class international museums and by collectors such as HM Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, or the Republic of Indonesia.

Unfortunately in the aftermath of WWII quite a number of his priceless works of art have disappeared especially from the area of Germany, where Prince Raden Saleh spent many happy years.

We are working closely with the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in locating these lost paintings, and return them to their rightful owners for the benefit of the people of the Republic of Indonesia.

We are proud to present to you our comprehensive Online Museum for all Prince Raden Saleh paintings, watercolours and drawings known, many of which have never been seen by the public. Our Raden Saleh Online Museum includes his world-famous oil paintings and his until now to a lesser degree known watercolours and drawings.

Penangkapan Pangeran Diponegoro 1857 (Musium Istana Jakarta). Silahkan menelusuri halaman dari Penangkapan Pangeran Diponegoro.

Penangkapan Pangeran Diponegoro (Pensil/Catatan penelusuran dikerjakan setahun sebelum lukisan minyak dibuat)

Mount Merapi (Fire Mountain near Yogyakarta) by Night

Mount Merapi (Fire Mountain near Yogyakarta) by Day

Lions and Snake

Lionhead (Rijksbureau)

The Deer Hunt (Rijksbureau)

Lion Hunt on Java

(Lion Hunt (Riga Museum Latvia)

Arabian Hunters and Lion (Rijksbureau)

Arabian Hunters and Lion (Rijksbureau)

Lions, Horse and Snake

Buffalo Hunt on Java (Museum bild. Kuenste Leipzig)

Buffalo Hunt on Java

Buffalo Hunt on Java (Rijksbureau)

Arab attacked by Lion

Last Embrace of Foes (Rijksbureau)

Fighting with a Lion 1870 (Museum Istana Jakarta)

Last Respects (Rijksbureau)

Lying in Wait

Lion and Horse fighting

Fight between Buffalo and Lion

Lions and Tiger fighting over Prey (Rijksbureau)

Tiger and Lion fighting (Rijksbureau)

Lions fighting over Prey (Rijksbureau)

Forest Fire and fleeing Animals

Nursing Tiger (Museum bild. Kuenste Leipzig)

Horseriding Battle (KIT)

Flood on Java (Watercolour KIT)

Ship in Storm (Rijksbureau)

Ship in Storm (Rijksbureau)

Ship in Storm

Ship in Storm

Shipwrecked on the Beach (Rijksbureau)

Ships in Storm

Buitenzorg (Bogor City) Post Road - Batoe Toelies Bogor (KIT)

Buitenzorg (Bogor City) Church Yard with the Grave of Antoinette Pietermaat (KIT)

Winter Landscape near Dresden (Germany)

City of Dresden Skyline (National Museum of Art, Oslo)

Gotha Castle (Germany) 1845